"Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses," Souvenir Gift Tile

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Distinctive Design's, "Sandy Toes, Salty Kisses," Home Decor Tile is the perfect souvenir of any vacation to the seashore or Gulf.of Mexico.  This product will facilitate perpetual memories of a beachside getaway spent basking in the sunshine, listening to the peaceful sounds of waves crashing upon the shore.
  • 6"x6" in size, this tile is off-white in color.
  • The caption reading, "Sandy Toes, Salty Kisses," is in black along with a footprint graphic, also in black.
  • This product would be a great souvenir, gift or home decor for beach lovers and those who treasure their vacations there.
  • A free easel is included, completing the gift and making it easy to display and enjoy this product right away.  Enjoy!

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