"MS Crawfish Pie," Souvenir Home Decor Recipe Tile

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Distinctive Design's, "Mississippi Crawfish Pie," Home Decor Recipe Tile is a genuine, honest-to-goodness Cajun recipe that can be made by even the least experienced cooks. It brings that famous crawfish flavor right along with it into your kitchen.
  • Ingredients & instructions are clearly cited.
  • A color picture of a crawfish pie gets the mouth-watering, before you even heat up the stove.
  • The tile itself is off-white in color, 6"x6" in size.
  • This product includes a free easel, completing the gift.
  • The bold colors of red and black are prominent in the design as well as a couple of crawfish for good measure.
  • Gift someone the chance to share something that is invaluable... a great meal & great memories with family & friends.

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