Served Southern Gourmet "Lickety Split Spinach & Artichoke™ Dip MIx

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Served Southern Gourmet, "Lickety Split Spinach & Artichoke™" Dip, Spread Dressing, & Cheeseball Mix is a big favorite with Americans.  From Cajun Country To Your Kitchen™, you can reach Spinach & Artichoke heaven easily and affordably with this dip mix.  Bring it to a get-together and rake in the complements, because when prepared, this dip tastes like you slaved over it.  Great for parties or movie nights at home.  Mmm mm good!
  • This product makes two 8 ounce dips when mixed with either a cup of real mayo and a cup of full-fat sour cream.  You may also use two cups of either full-fat sour cream or greek yogurt, mixing thoroughly.  Best when allowed to sit overnight, but can be consumed right away after mixing.
  • Serve chilled with your favorite pretzels, crackers, pita chips, or fresh veggies.  
  • These dips are Keto-friendly and perfect if you love flavor but are watching your waistline.
  • Gluten-Free, No-MSG, All Natural.
  • See photo of the back of the package for further information on ingredients and other options for using this mix.
  • Mix contents is 24 grams

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