"New Orleans-Ain't Dere No More," Souvenir Decor Gift Tile

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Distinctive Design's, "NOLA Ain't Dere No More," Souvenir Gift Tile is a salute to places gone by that are still loved and remembered, from "Pontchartrain Beach" to "Schwegmann's" & "K&B," Folks in New Orleans have long memories!  
  • The heading caption is: "Ain't Dere No More." 
  • Also included in the collage are: Mason Blanche, Falstaff, Bali Ha'i, Mr. Bingle, Morgus, Time Saver, Rosenburg's, Woolworths, Ray's Roller Rink, Dixie, Jax, Krauss, Nash Roberts, Hubig's Pies, McKenzie's, D. H. Holmes, Gus Mayer, Fitzgerald's, Kreeger's, Godchaux's.  
  • 6" x 6" in size, the tile itself is off-white in color and includes a free easel, completing the gift. 
  •  This is a perfect gift choice for anyone from New Orleans or someone who has moved away but has fond memories of the city.

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